Meet your doula

Megan K. Alam, CLD, CPD



I truly believe that the clients I need to serve will find me. 

I am a strong black tea. I hope you are shopping around to find the doula that truly feels right for you and your family as birth is SUCH an intimate event.

With that said, here's a bit about myself and my practice...

I've happily been serving the birthing community of greater Indianapolis, IN since 2015. I am certified in both birth and postpartum doula work. 

My journey with birth work began in 2013, shortly after the home-birth of my first child. My birthing experience was so incredibly positive - it absolutely filled my cup! I was in awe of what I had just accomplished and knew then it was my calling to become involved any way I could in birth. The midwife that served my family gave me the opportunity to be one of her assistants, and after a lengthy training I began attending births with her. These births I witnessed completely changed the scope of what I knew about what 'normal' birth looks like. It was so empowering to see these variations, as well as the techniques used by those mothers to cope with labor. 

My role as a midwifery assistant did not involve doula care - that was a different hat all together. I realized that I wanted to be more apart of helping women cope with labor and decided to begin a training to do just that, and so much more. 

Being a doula means having to get creative, think on your feet, and above all else trust your intuition. Bringing families together to study, examine and discuss birth topics is essential to every community - no matter where you live. Our nation is in a birthing crisis, as more and more women undergo unnecessary labor augmentations or even surgical procedures. My work is about bringing the power back to the birthing people - to be informed and move from that informed place.  

My work is about helping to unite families through clear communication and empowered choices concerning their own personal healthcare. To better support individuals and families while they navigate their own birth journey.  


Megan Alam - Owner of DMDS

200 RYT

Certified Labor Doula

Certified Postpartum Doula