Services offered

Birth or Postpartum Doula Consulting

This is an hourly rate service. Can be done virtually or in person. 

Have specific topics you'd like to talk to a professional Doula about? This is a perfect fit! We can cover any topics you'd like to explore during these meetings. Whether its discussing newborn care, prenatal or postnatal yoga, movement & positioning techniques or practices to ground and root your inner being - all of it is available to you in the comfort of your own home. 

Hourly rate is based on your income level.

Birth Doula Services

Searching for more in depth support through your entire pregnancy? Look no further. Covering some prepared materials, such as: movement and positioning, breathing practices, yoga, meditation, clear communication (and so much more) as well as any topics you are particularly interested in. 

24/7 Contact via e-mail & text

1 Prenatal Meeting per month 

Continuous Labor Support

Immediate Postpartum Support

Prices determined by client needs. Contact for more information. 

Immediate Postpartum Doula Care

Immediate Postpartum Care Package: 

6 Hours Immediately Following Birth

1 Postpartum Belly Bind

2 Herbal Sits Baths

4 Herbal Infusions to Promote Healing

Hourly Postpartum Care

Postpartum care can look very different depending on what exactly the family is needing at the time but can include the following:

-Herbal Support with Infusions & Sits Baths

-Light Cleaning

-Meal Prep

-Run Errands

-Entertain Older Children

-Emotional Support

-Basic Newborn Care

-Basic Breast Feeding Tips (note please consult a Lactation Consultant if there are any persistent issues with breastfeeding)

Contact for more details, prices determined on a client to client basis.